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Try to navigate the transition in this column
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As far as I can tell, all the pundits and politicians agree on one thing: This has been and still is an unprecedented election year. But my thanks go to Georgia voters for at least one thing.

You defeated Amendment One.

We will not have an alternate system called an Opportunity School District.

Now if the legislators who conceived that idea will focus on and provide resources for the existing public school system, they can give whatever opportunities and incentives are necessary to help so-called "failing schools" to meet the needs of those students for a good education.

By the way, in another column someday I want to share some fun paraprosdokians with the already-educated.

We also agree that in our area we have been in an unprecedented drought, although we have come close. But, as I write this, we are thankful for a forecast that includes rain.

Hopefully, it will be enough to quench the wildfires and begin the process of replenishing our water table.

One good thing about the dry weather is that it has allowed many days for all the road construction around the 400-53 intersection. At least we can navigate better through the orange barrels and other obstacles.

I'm still trying to envision the completed product.

Somehow in the midst of all that, two large retail malls have been constructed around two huge anchor stores, with other businesses opening almost weekly. Dawson County is indeed witnessing transition. Are we still handling our growth well?

I don't believe that the smaller businesses are hearing their death toll, however; people with shorter lists and limited time may choose to avoid the large parking lots and multiple aisles.

Now that we have navigated our way through the Moonshine Festival and Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales, we are coasting rapidly into the Christmas season.

Actually, at my age and with limited mobility, all the seasons move rapidly! And now as a non-driver, I leave most of the shopping to others; thank goodness for gift cards.

But as a non-driver, I also miss a number of really great activities which I hope you readers didn't and don't.

For instance,I missed this fall's always delightful Community Chorale concert (one of the few I haven't attended since the inception of that group). And several exhibits and events have come and gone at The Bowen Arts Center. There are more to come, as churches and organizations schedule Christmas celebrations.

My advice: As long as you can, join in the celebrations.

Now I'll get ahead of the rush and send you my wishes for a blessed Christmas season and a rewarding, even if hectic, 2017.

Helen Taylor's column appears periodically in the Dawson County News.