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Trumps cruel budget plans
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As if the passage of the Trump/Ryan healthcare plan which will take insurance away from 23 million people wasn't enough, now we have the proposed Trump Budget.

The proposed budget will take away services used by the very people in North Georgia who voted for him.

Nearly 31 percent of Georgia's 2017 budget relies on federal funding. Only seven other states rely more than Georgia on safety net programs. Georgia would be severely damaged if this budget passes.

What does the budget propose? First, the entire Meals on Wheels program would be cut.

It would slash $72 billion for Social Security disability payments and supplementary old age benefits.

In public education there would be more than 28 percent in cuts including after school programs, loans for students going to college and some programs for special education.

Medicaid, which is already cut by $800 billion would see further cuts of $600 billion cutting 1.3 Million Children from health coverage.

The CDC in Atlanta, which does research that contributes to disease control all over the world, would see cuts of 27 percent.

The EPA, which helps to make sure the air and water in North Georgia stay clean, is cut by 33 percent. The state department, which works with foreign countries in fighting terrorism, is cut by 47 percent.

The budget director, Mick Mulvaney says about Trump's budget, "the administration has written a budget through the eyes of the people who are actually paying the taxes."

I am not sure how many people here in North Georgia would like to see Meals on Wheels eliminated and access to college loans slashed.

And this budget is presented just after the "Tax Plan," which asks for huge cuts in taxes for higher income people and corporations.

This plan, which he says will be revenue neutral is based on an unrealistic 3 percent economic growth and some accounting tricks, which include a $2 trillion dollar error in addition.

I guess that is how you balance the budget.

Take from the poor and give to the rich.

What kind of a person proposes such a budget?

Luckily most people in Congress do not agree with these cuts. But it is important that you contact your representative and your two senators to voice your concerns.

Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress are opposed to this budget, but without hearing from their constituents we are still likely to see cuts which would negatively affect all of us.
Please call.

Mike Lane