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Traffic light needed at Hwy. 53/Thompson Road
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The DOT plans on installing turning lanes at the above intersection next spring. They plan on routing all traffic by Thompson and Hugh Stowers roads.


The estimated plan of completion of this project is three months. The problem is there are no plans to install a traffic light.


The records show this intersection presently has the highest accident rate in Dawson County. Turning lanes without a traffic light will only change injuries to fatalities because the through traffic will move faster.


Please contact all of your local and state elected officials and request they support you in saving lives in Dawson County.


Some citizens have already met with Rep. David Ralston of Blue Ridge (speaker of the house). He suggested the citizens start a petition because the DOT is  “hard nut to crack.”


There are petitions located at the following businesses: Etowah Roofing on Etowah River Road, Bradley M. Maple CPA and Dr. Frank Kruse, both at 2390 Thompson Road and Chestatee Emergent Medical Care at 2395 Thompson Road.


I respectfully request any citizen who travels this intersection or has friends and family who travel this intersection to take the time to stop by and sign one of these petitions.


Carole Bishop