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Time to reveal a well-kept secret
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Now that I’m so old that people don’t expect very much of me and compliment me on just being able to be out and about, I can admit something that many may already know: If you really don’t have talents, just act as if you do.


Although I have for years honestly made the admission about lack of talent, I suppose that my disclaimer and the fact that I “talk a good game” cause some people to think that I can do more than I really can. The return-to-routine week brought that point more clearly to my attention.


After the Christmas/New Year’s holidays and the stay-at-home snow days, you may remember that I was looking forward to resuming a routine. It is really true that some laws of physics also apply to human beings. For example, an object in motion tends to stay in motion and an inactive object is likely to stay inactive.


Thus having those several days without pressure to get things done had resulted in not getting things done. So, having a rather full calendar can be a good thing. It nudges me to action.


I was happy to read the inspirational for the installation of officers at the Dawson County Woman’s Club meeting, to say a few words for Lumpkin Campground trustees at the commissioners meeting, to meet with NOA director and a board member, to participate in a couple of round-table discussions, to fill in for an absent player at a bridge party, and to realize that I had also filled in several more dates on the calendar with additional obligations.


Perhaps my best talent is to recognize the good things that so many people are doing, to appreciate their abilities, and to be willing to voice encouragement.

For instance, I am not in the least artistic or “craftsy” — but I served for years on the Arts Council Board of Directors (and still attend most Bowen Center events), and I  am part of the Prayer Shawl Ministry at my church (even though my knitting leaves much to be desired.)


I can’t carry a tune or play a musical instrument, but I thoroughly enjoy the music made by those who can, and I can pat my foot and applaud. So, I am accepted in the best of audiences.


I am neither an accomplished bridge player nor a gourmet cook, although I have done a lot of playing and cooking. But I enjoy being part of a bridge group and I’m forever taking food to some event. My friends tolerate both without criticism.


Even writing a column like this doesn’t require a great talent. One just needs lots of friends who do many things well, who don’t mind being appreciated — and who may occasionally need a voice to “speak out.”


I can do that.


Helen Taylor’s column appears periodically in the Dawson Community News.