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Think twice about apartment project
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As an ex-city council member and ex-county commissioner, I understand some of what things cost and what pays in Dawson County.

For instance, what it costs per person in Dawson County for infrastructure.

What it costs per student for education.

This is about the apartment building that the city is proposing on Perimeter Road. I understand that there are 78 units going in over there. Just say 78 families. That's two adults and one child. That comes to about 234 people.

The average cost for the county for each family in 2006 was about $8,028 for infrastructure, which is water, sewer, roads, fire protection, police protection and several other costs that occur.

Now, for schools in 2006 the cost was about $7,000 per student. The total to the county is somewhere around $1,172,000 (county taxes $626,184) (school taxes $546,000) give or take a few thousand.

Now I for one feel we pay enough taxes. What do you say?

Now, how about traffic next to a school and on a two lane road. Which is now over traveled. Think about accidents, traffic congestion and more.

Now when you consider the total cost to county, traffic, schools, what does this bring to the city? Two hundred and thirty four people shopping in the city.

I don't think so. They will shop at Walmart and businesses at 400 mostly.

How about the people who already live here in these subdivisions that are still empty? Does this make people want to stay in Dawsonville?

Something needs to be done to bring their home values up and fill these vacant lots and there are a lot of them.

These people that live here now want nice, quality restaurants with quality service and food.

They are looking for something they want such as restaurants, dry cleaners, coffee shops, donut shops, nice clothing stores. We need to keep the businesses open that we have now.

Try to get people from the county to stop here rather than drive to 400, Cumming, Dahlonega or Gainesville. What are we doing here allowing 78 more units to come to the city when we won't gain a thing in the city. Maybe water and sewer, but these people won't pay county taxes, only their landlord pays. So, come on city officials, please think this over.

I know some of you are new and appointed and don't have much experience at this, but think about it more before you vote to allow this to happen.

Don't let someone convince you to do something you don't want to.

Just think, you live in Dawson County too! Because Dawsonville is in the county and you pay Dawson County taxes, not city taxes ... yet.

Thanks for allowing my opinion and I have no hard feelings toward anyone and their opinion.

Frank Craft