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The world continues to roll on
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Candidly, I have never thought that the world revolved around me, not even my own personal world.

And certainly, during the past decade I have purposely limited participation in many areas that previously claimed much time and effort.

So it is not in the least surprising that when I am forced to pull into the seclusion of my home for several weeks, the rest of the world goes merrily on its way.

But it is gratifying to realize that people from many phases of my life have been so quick and gracious to express concern.

That withdrawal from public involvement was caused by my falling, on June 10, on a concrete sidewalk and pulling ligaments in my left knee - nothing broken, but very painful and particularly disabling to one of my advanced age who already has problems being easily ambulatory.

Naturally, my immediate family (which is small) had to become full caretakers. My instant reaction was to look for a rehab or nursing center.

However, after some temporary arrangements, I am settled in for a while with a great gal who not only knows how to take care of incapacitated old ladies, but also can keep house.

So, son Tony and granddaughter Jillian can more nearly go about their own lives.

And my extended family and wonderful friends and neighbors have kept us well supplied with food.

Home health therapists are coming twice a week and I am trying to do the exercises they prescribe.

Although they insist that I am progressing as I should, I am not nearly as satisfied with my progress as I would like to be. I am still working on manipulating with a walker.

In the meantime, my church, those civic organizations of which I am a member, even exercise classes continue to flourish. It's true, I had already made myself dispensable.

Even so, I know that if there had really been some jobs needed to be done, someone would have become available. That's one reason I am always encouraging people to be active in their different "communities."

As older volunteers age and become less involved, we need to have a contingent of others, able and willing to take their place and even to expand services.

There are not enough words to thank all those who have helped me and also the ones who call, send cards, and offer to do whatever is needed. I am extremely humbled by the concern expressed by so many, and I am extremely grateful.

My world is, indeed, filled with good people.

Helen Taylor's column appears periodically in the Dawson Community News.