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The big hack
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The main stream media is just full of talk of cyber spies and governmental sponsored "hacks."

Hacks to try and influence elections are painted as the ultimate evil.

I remember the same flap years ago when the "wire tap" revelations were all the rage. The same chatter was probably around when people opened other peoples' mail.

Our son, who understands most of this wonky computer talk, says that if you want security, never ever hook up a computer to the web or even plug it into the electrical system.

He says put it in a deep hole and run it with a generator if you want to keep secrets.

The USA is hacking every connected computer in the world.

Other countries are doing the same thing to us.

Everybody is snooping and we are connected to everything.

There are no secrets on connected computers.

If you write anything on an email, assume that everyone will be able to read it.

Everyone with half a brain knows this reality and is not surprised by any of this.

There is no encryption that is 100 percent safe.

I might add that if our government was not doing this to Russia I would be even more concerned.

It is laughable that we would not expect Russia to do the exact thing we are doing to them. Just because they are hacking does not make them our mortal enemy.

If that is the new standard, the USA is the mortal enemy of the entire world.
Lindsey and John need to get a grip.

About every organization in the world has been trying to influence this last election to keep the status quo in place.

In spite of all those efforts the potential for big change, for good or ill, is upon us.
The USA has been about the same kind of efforts often using direct military force to insure outcomes.

Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq come to mind.

When our political leaders huff and puff about all this they are either lying to protect themselves or they are confirming that they are really dumb.

"What is done in the darkness will be shouted from the roof tops" is how we should all think.

When I ran out the back door as a boy, my momma's parting words were: "Gary, you behave yourself."

If our elite political class had just listened to my momma they would not be whining about hacks.

Gary Pichon
Marble Hill