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Thankful for news coverage
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Thank you for writing about the ID show on Meredith Emerson. She was a brave young woman who caused a lot of key evidence to be left behind to expose a monster and bring an end to the evil he was perpetrating. She deserves to be remembered and I hope they honor her with this account.

With Dawson County Investigator Lt. Col. John Cagle participating, I am sure that is the case.

I have thought of and prayed for John Cagle many times. He speaks of Meredith and her family with such respect, almost as if she is a daughter to him. He clearly took her loss deeply. I'm sorry that it is so painful for him. I pray that he is able to heal and move forward, though no one who ever heard her story will ever forget Meredith.

I was friends with Cheryl Dunlap, for whose murder Hilton is now on death row in Florida.

To me, John Cagle is a hero. His tireless investigation and pursuit of Hilton unearthed a mountain of evidence in Cheryl's murder and brought her killer to justice. He acknowledged that he helped to prevent future murders and we will never know this side of heaven how much evil he did prevent.

At least four highly respected, much loved individuals' lives were lost because of Hilton, but because of Cagle, many people found justice for their family/friends.

More importantly, many more are sharing meals, tucking in children or grandchildren at night. They are doing valuable work in their communities, hiking the Appalachian Trail, nursing the sick, studying for their careers of choice or serving in the mission field. They are living lives of love, hope and value, unaware that they still live because of the integrity and passion that John Cagle exhibited in his work.

Thank you for listening and for continuing to remember this lovely young woman, as well as Cheryl and the Bryants.

I will always remember Cheryl and the others and will continue to pray what she would have prayed, which is that Hilton will fall on his knees before God and accept forgiveness for what he did.

Nancy Duren
Tuscaloosa, Ala.