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Stand behind our superintendent
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In these tough economic times, I would ask all our residents to support our superintendent and board of education as they make decisions which impact our children’s education.


Keith Porter, superintendent of schools and one of the finest young men our county has ever produced, has worked with the board of education, teachers, parents and others to cut millions of dollars from the budget over the past two years, while striving to give our students every opportunity to be successful.


Class sizes have increased, but programs vital to the continued success of our students have been maintained. The school system is constantly under pressure to provide our children with a world class education as funds continue to decrease.


The future of our state and nation depends on well educated residents, who can compete in a global society.


I’m grateful to all the residents over the years that have valued education and made it possible for me and my children to receive an education that allowed us to become productive residents.


If I lived to be 100 years old, I could never repay the residents of Dawson County for our education.


I’m also grateful for all children who receive an education and become contributing members of our society. I know that my quality of life improves each time a young person is successful.


I much prefer spending my tax dollars on a child’s future than on an adult’s failure.


Nicky Gilleland

Former Dawson County Superintendent