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Seeing a bad moon rising
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Nobody likes to hear bad news forecasts. That is why almost no one ever reads the Minor Prophets of the Old Testament. They were all saying that things were bad, and going to get worse, but that it would turn out OK in the long run. They were pessimists about the day, but optimists on a longer time line. Things always turn out for the good if you can stand the wait.

My solution to the current problems of the USA and of the world is to practice self-induced delusion and cling to irrational hope. I am going to pretend that it is just not happening.

I am going to act as if I am certain that suddenly we will be led by wise and careful national leaders who will raise revenues fairly, and carefully cut expenses to prevent an economic collapse of the USA.

I am going to pretend that the Arab Spring will lead to enlightened democracy in all those countries and that reason and tolerance will prevail.

I am going to pretend that our long and expensive efforts in treasure and blood in Iraq and Afghanistan will lead to peace and make those countries wonderful places for tourist travel.

I am going to pretend that France and Germany will unite to save the Euro and that the wackos of Europe will stay calm and peaceful and we don't get a rerun of 1933.

I am going to pretend that Iraq will not do what they have said they want to do, which is to drop a couple of nukes on Israel.

I am going to pretend that the new crop technologies will prevent the price of food around the world from rising in the face of war, worn out land and rising population.

And I am going to pretend that gas stays below $3.30 so I can use my RV.

If I don't pretend, then I should prepare for what I believe is coming. That preparation would make life not worth living.

I would have to build a hidden concrete bunker with years of stored food supplies and a deep well.

I would organize a local militia for general defense and stockpile real weapons.

I would store seeds and fertilizer.

Then I would have to choose which friends could come in, etc. etc. I already have a headache just thinking about it.

So I will abandon logic and reason and cling to hope.

I am going to ignore the facts and forecasts.

I am going to try to be optimistic like the prophets.

I think I will go outside and pet the dogs.

Gary Pichon
District 1 Commissioner
Dawson County