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Republican tax plan

Republican tax plan—Make false promises and keep them in the dark

I attended Rep. Doug Collins town hall last Wednesday night and was thankful he answered many questions from a mostly Democratic audience. 

His answers were the same as they have always been, based on his belief that because we are liberals we will never agree and he doesn’t plan to compromise.

One of the questions he did not get to was mine on the Republican Tax Reform plan.

Rep. Collins has been posting on his Facebook account about the amazing tax plan that the Republicans are devising. 

When I called his office to ask what the plan was and where they were getting the information for these Facebook posts, they said I should look at the Ways and Means Committee website.  So I did.

Everything Rep. Collins is posting comes directly from this website; the information was developed by the Tax Foundation, a right leaning think tank that uses some facts and then presents them in such loaded language that everyone will jump on board. 

There is absolutely no information on the website about the actual plan, i.e., what will it really do?

When I called to ask about it, the answer was simply they are still working on it.  When I asked if we could ask Rep. Collins for some specifics, the answer was no, those aren’t available yet.

So how can they publish a website based on no facts or knowledge and post the same information on Facebook?  Isn’t it obvious?  The Republican tax plan is to make false promises and keep us in the dark until it is time to pass it.

Another think tank, Brookings Tax Policy Center, which is wholly non-partisan, has some other information we can use.  If the Republicans go along with the basic one-page tax plan put forth by Trump, this is what you can expect:

·         The plan will be a boon to the rich; it will repeal the estate tax and investment tax for healthcare and lower the effective individual and corporate tax rate.  The plan would mean that 51% of the benefits from this tax plan would go to the wealthiest 1% of taxpayers. 

·         The plan could damage our economy, as tax rates are already at historical lows.

·         If this plan is implemented, there will have to be drastic cuts in domestic programs (Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, public education, etc.). So for the average person, especially seniors and students, this plan would give you a nickel and take away a dollar someplace else!

So when you read the Facebook post on Rep. Collins Facebook page which says taxpayers will see a $5,000 average tax relief, that is because the billionaires will save hundreds of thousands and the regular people making $40,000 or $50,000 a year will see around $250.

The deceit is unbelievable—morally and ethically beyond anyone’s imagination.

Mike Lane