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Regional airport could help
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I have read with interest the letter of Susan Baldwin, which was published in the March 30 edition of the paper, rallying against the proposed Dawsonville Regional Airport Authority.


While agreeing with her that, as a resident, we enjoy the beautiful rivers, creeks and wooded areas in Dawsonville, allocating a few acres for a regional airport will not make too much difference.


With a regional airport, it might become easier to take a domestic flight, and thus avoid the traffic jam and long drive now needed to go the Atlanta airport.


An airport, with a few domestic flights will also add a number of jobs and services.


In the current economic recession, our county would benefit with more jobs and an increase in tax revenue, that can also help support and upgrade other essential services.


The natural beauties and quality of life of many other cities like Geneva, Manchester, Glasgow and Paris have not been completely destroyed by airports.



Syed Riaz Ahmed