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Numerous reasons for giving thanks
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Several people have chided me for not having written a column recently, so in keeping with the Thanksgiving spirit, I’ll be thankful that someone is interested enough to notice my absence.


Actually, even in difficult times, we can usually find things to appreciate — and friends are definitely near the top of my list. As I drove to Atlanta a few days ago to attend another funeral, I was acutely aware of how many I have lost within the last year. But I am thankful for having known them, as well as for those I still have. One of my aunts, who died at 92, often remarked about having to keep making younger friends. And so do I.


That drive, however, also reminded me that I am grateful that I can still manipulate interstate and city traffic, although getting in and out of vehicles is awkward. Maybe those Silver Sneakers exercises will be helping.


My friend Vivian Lance is consistently saying how thankful she is that she moved to Dawson County years ago. I echo that gratitude.


That reminds me to congratulate Billy Thurmond on his recognition as one of Georgia’s outstanding public safety officers. Our county’s entire public safety system, including the sheriff’s department, is one of the reasons to be thankful to be a citizen here.


Congratulations go also to Grace Presbyterian Church on its formal constitutioning. That church has given outstanding community service during its five years in Dawsonville. Appreciation is now due to the Alliance of Churches as they host the free Thanksgiving dinner initiated by Grace Presbyterian and to the Lakeview Center for providing the facility this year.


Veterans Day was well celebrated in Dawson County; certainly, we should express appreciation to all veterans, whether or not they served in combat.


Having been a wife, mother, sister, aunt and cousin to veterans, I realize that the families of veterans also serve.


Prior to Veterans Day was Election Day, and for the freedom to choose our governing bodies we are very grateful, even when we don’t always agree with all the choices.


We will be even more grateful if they will work together to provide the best government possible. One choice I particularly regret was the defeat of the tax that would have financed additional trauma centers in Georgia.


Now everything is geared toward Christmas holidays. Our church altar has been filled with shoeboxes, which have now been transported to a distribution center to be sent all over the world as part of Operation Christmas Child. 


Locally, KARE for Kids is “making the world a brighter place.” And those are not our only opportunities to share.


There will be trees with names of children or families in special need.  Churches and organizations will “adopt” families. My mailbox, always filled with requests for donations for worthy causes, is now even more jammed.


Those who receive the donations will, I am sure, be grateful. And those who can afford to be donors can especially give thanks.


Helen Taylor’s column appears periodically in the Dawson Community News.