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No parliament here
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In the United States of America, if an elected body wishes to remove a leader that has been elected by the people, that removal process involves the proving of some crime.

In England a parliamentary vote of "no confidence" triggers new elections.

Not here.

We do not have a "no confidence" vote provision.

You cannot throw out a President because you think he is stupid, or wrong, or just not suited.

You have to have a trial and prove a crime.

In the case of the President of the United States you must prove treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors.

The notion is that the vote of the people, for good or ill, counts for something and cannot be set aside by a few other elected officials just because they do not like a person or something that person did with which they disagree.

Likewise, the city council of Dawsonville is going to find that they will have to prove a crime has been committed by the mayor.

They will have to do this in a courtroom in front of the public.

If the newspaper has accurately reported the charges and there are no other hidden lists, the mayor will likely finish out his term.

Because only county taxes are used to fund the City of Dawsonville, the rest of us will pay the cost of the trial and for the attorney fees.

The citizens of the city need to try and get some more rational adults running the show.
The voters of the city should pay for this mess, not those of us out in the county.

Gary Pichon
Marble Hill