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Medical care
I just read a letter to the editor in our papers about medical care.
The writer asserts that the Federal Government needs to take over the entire medical system of the USA.
In many ways it has already done that. We only have the free market private insurance system and the pay-as-you-go system now.
And then we have the big government four, the vet system, the Medicare system, the Medicaid system and the Obama system.
All of the government systems are really Ponzi schemes. Payouts today are taken from others and about 40 percent of the rest borrowed.
I am in Medicare and I wish I had the dollars I paid in, back in my pocket and in the market. I will never get back the money I paid in.  
We continue to work on the affordable insurance side and the real problem is rapidly rising costs and it is not only cost, but the creation of new treatments for problems that were left to die only a few years ago.
We can almost work miracles, but those miracles take lots of skilled people, equipment, medicines and buildings to implement.
If you want to reduce costs, all you have to do is increase supply.
That means training a whole lot of doctors and nurses and technicians and letting the market work. There would be more hospitals if you could get the government out of the decision making business.  
Giving medical care free is a very bad idea. Anything which has no value will be abused. Everyone should have to pay something.
I have little sympathy for people who make strings of very bad health decisions and then want me to pay for them. No hospital should be forced to take patients that will not be able to pay the bill.
If you were in the car repair business you would not stand for that.  
And then there is the problem of huge legal settlements. Tort law needs to be changed and only reasonable penalties allowed.  We all pay the insurance costs for doctors and care givers that have funded incredible awards to some individual. Those payouts need to be capped in law.
The capitalistic markets are hard task masters but in the long run they are fairer than socialistic governments.
I suppose we are going to have to choose one or the other.
The socialist path seems so kind and reasonable my guess is that is the path we are going to go down. Everybody gets a trophy.
And when medical care is rationed don’t come crying to me.
Gary Pichon
Marble Hill