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Man thankful for kindness
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Back during the month of September, my wife and I were riding our motorcycle to Florida through your town.

I had stoped for gas at a local station but all I had was a $100 bill, which they could not make change for.

When I went out to pump $6 worth of gas, all the small bills I had, one of your town residents over heard me complaining to my wife about not being able to get the gas I needed.

To my surprise this man asked me how much money I needed, was $20 enough?

I kindly declined the offer and he then offered to show me where there was a bank that could make change for me.

In all the riding I have done this has never happened to me before.

I would like to thank this gentleman for his kind offer. And your town, for this has a reflection on your townspeople of being kind and generous to a total stranger.

Calvin Noblitt