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Letter to the editor
Motorsports park a concern
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As a resident on Sweetwater Juno Road, I am concerned about the Motorsports Park.


What percentage of similar projects have been taken to a final phase?


Will there be bond requirements?


What experience do the developers have?


Will AMP host burn outs?


Will day memberships and rentals be allowed?


A 2004 posting to an Internet site said AMP was to be a “supermoto” experience, now it’s evolved into a gentleman’s driving club with moto-bikes and karting rentals.


A gentleman’s driving club is definitely more marketable than a race track.


The reality is AMP will abut a horse farm business and residential/agricultural properties.


It will be 8/10 of a mile from the Wildlife Management Area and river; a place environmentalists, families, boy scouts, tourists, fisherman, conservationists and birdwatchers enjoy.


Steve Holder is quoted as recommending approval before official plans were submitted to the City and Charlie Auvermann says, “The initial project itself would bring in about $4 Million tax boost to the county in the next ‘eight to 10 years.’”


With air and noise pollution, the traffic it will bring, the emissions that will threaten the ecology of the surrounding area, that guesstimate should be strongly questioned, and it’s little compensation for the irreversible toll taken on surrounding wildlife, air and general quality of life for residents.


The noise from these parks can reach 110 decibels, traveling up to 5 miles.


When Jeremy Porter, Commissioner Pichon and the City say sound won’t be allowed to permeate the area, ask for the science behind the statements.


What actual decibel limit will be the maximum that will not be allowed to be exceeded?


Without that scientific measure, no ordinance or rule is enforceable.


I’m concerned this park will turn into a public racing facility or allow “day memberships” making it accessible to Joe Public.


The idea there will be no “racing” evaporates when one examines the operational behaviors of the parks AMP states it will emulate.


Visit the Web sites folks. The information is on the Web.


Duck Thurmond, 53, 183 and Sweetwater Juno are not equipped to handle the increased traffic.


With no impact fees required, taxpayers will pay for needed upgrades to ensure safety and functionality.


I’m for Dawson County being successfully balanced and prosperous, but we can do better at planning and protecting all interests, especially those of the residential tax base.


If elected officials invite AMP into our rural sector, every effort must be made to protect the rights of the residents.


As we’ve seen, bad decisions and lawsuits cost us.


Come election time again, we should look hard at who stood for what, or who didn’t stand for the residents at all.


The EPD states the overseeing authority is the County Department of Health.


I ask officials for aggressive noise controls due to the effect this will have on the county.


I ask all residents to make the same fair request from everyone involved. If this club is as it has been promoted, that will be a small thing to comply with and an equitable outcome.


Vital information is missing from the rosy assurances thus far.


Let’s talk in reasonable, measurable, functional terms.


Loren Mitchell


Dawson County