UPDATE: Ex-Forsyth County firefighter asks for a new trial in Dawson County child abuse case
The man’s motion for a new trial follows his May 2023 trial and conviction on child abuse-related charges.
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Letter to the Editor
Thankful for communitys support of veterans
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Well, this morning (Nov. 11) I got up out of bed, exhausted and not motivated to do much. I turned on the computer and thought maybe this year I would attend some veteran's appreciation event.

I never have in the past. I googled veteran events and I found an event in Dawsonville that was for three hours.

It included a lunch for vets, a program at the middle school honoring vets from every war and it was topped off with a parade in the town.

I want to say that I felt so honored and so proud to be a veteran today.

I cried quite a few tears, especially when they honored Vietnam vets along with the rest of the vets. I remember when our war was over, we were spat upon, humiliated, laughed at and made fun of when our tour was over. Nobody wanted to even hire a Vietnam vet. It was nice to finally hear someone really honor us, the vets from the Vietnam War.

We stood proud next to all of the other decorated vets from the Korean, World War II, World War I, Iraq War and current soldiers.

Thank you Dawsonville for really making us all feel proud for our service to this great country ... The United States of America.

Thanks to all of the many people who organized this event. A special thanks to the young people who really gave it their all in the chorus, the band and teachers. Thanks to Chick-fil-A and the many workers who made us all feel very special.

I will be back next year for sure.

Diana Craver