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Letter to the editor: Stop the shooting
gun stock 2
Photo by William Isted on Unsplash

By Anna Richardson of Dawsonville 

My name is Anna Richardson and I live in rural Dawsonville. My home office is located outside of the city limits.

I've lived in Dawsonville for six years. When I first moved here in rural Dawson County I was met with the realization that firing guns in my residential neighborhood was considered a sport.  I live in a rural market where people live with children and pets, and people are firing guns off their porches, decks and patios.

Why in the world would a person living in a residential market want to discharge a firearm off his deck, porch or patio within yards of his neighbor when there are several gun ranges within a mile of their homes?  These places are designed especially for gun owners.

While I am not against gun ownership or the second amendment, I am concerned about those who do not consider the safety issues associated with this type of behavior. Firing a gun in a residential area is reckless. These people are tossing caution to the wind by firing their guns within yards of their neighbor's property. Why is this allowed, even encouraged?

The sound of these guns being discharged is disturbing especially when it is being done within a short distance of my home. On any given day, one gun owner will begin shooting, then another, then another and this goes on until 10 in the evening when it is mandated to stop.

I am a member of the National Rifle Association and have been for years. Responsible gun ownership and activity is a priority. Allowing this to continue in a residential area is obscene.

I'm not the only person with concerns.

Let's do something about this before someone or someone's child or pet gets hurt or accidentally fatally injured if they haven't already.