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Letter to the Editor: On a previous letter
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Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash.

By Philip Wolstenholme of Dawsonville 

A previous letter writer talked about the dangers of communism to our democracy. There are many dangers of moving to communism but our current president himself exhibits traits of autocratic communism and aspirations to dictatorship in trying to silence media outlets that disagree with him and making so many false claims that his own party members disagree with him and correct him. He praises the leaders of North Korea and Russia and sounds like he wants to be a dictator in that same communist vein.

The government’s claiming to have done a great job on Coronavirus is clearly false. In terms of cases and deaths per person, we have just about the worst record in the world, a scandal for the richest country. We have also given up our leadership of the WHO and are letting others fill that void. Trump continues to try and eliminate the Affordable Care Act and with it the requirement for insurers to cover pre-existing conditions.

Regarding the economy, our national debt has increased a huge 36% during this administration. Sure, you can increase stock market prices and available credit by borrowing money to pay for tax cuts and bonuses to big business but sooner or later those loans come home to roost. And stock prices do not impact the people who need the most help but rather the wealthiest segment of the population.

Character is very important in our president-to to earn both the respect of the United States people and the world. This president exhibits childish, defensive and simplistic behavior especially in responding to any criticism. He mocks military veterans and disabled people. More importantly, he commits immoral acts in promoting violence, telling blatant and dangerous lies, and in hiring and then paying-off prostitutes, certainly not in line with Christian teachings and beliefs that he claims. He has broken almost all the commandments and even non-political Pope Francis said the president does not act like a Christian. Donald Trump would have banned the middle easterner Jesus Christ from entering the USA. Consider this when you vote.