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Letter to the Editor: Policing and Justice Reformation
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By Gary Pichon

The riots going on across the country seem to be people who assert that their local law enforcement officers are systematically abusing people, especially minorities. They also assert that the entire justice system is racist. Many of our political leaders seem to agree with the general premise that law enforcement and its administration is the problem. 

I do not fear the police. I am glad they are there. But for the sake of argument, I am going to briefly adopt the assertion that cops and the entire justice system need complete reformation. What reformation steps could we take? 

Here are some proposals from around the country:

Have police go about without guns. Just a stick. No sprays and no tasers.

Increase the pay for all police and justice system employees and require a college degree to ensure only the best get hired.

Segregate the whole system by races to remove racial bias. Black cops and black judges and black juries for black people and the same for white people.

Prohibit all police unions because they shelter bad cops from discipline and termination. That way police chiefs could fire at will anyone that fails to police correctly.

Have selection processes that include extensive psychological evaluations to ensure that no one that is a cop or is in the justice system has any racial bias. Let professional psychologists have rejection power.

Remove federal immunity protections for all police so that they can be sued in Federal court and then face personal bankruptcy and ruin for improper arrests.

Nationalize the entire system and remove any local control by states, counties, or cities.

Outlaw all military-type equipment for use by police. No big guns or armored cars,

Publish an official national do-not-hire list of “bad” cops, judges and DAs.

Now ask yourself what would happen if we did any of these things.