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Letter to the Editor: Oh my, a dirty word in the White House
I see the news is full of President Trump’s big “vulgarity.” He used the s--- word to describe some dysfunctional countries. Now I don’t really approve of his using that language. It is a little unseemly. Just last month I cut my thumb with my own pocket knife and I said some really unseemly words. I would have used more but I exhausted my extensive supply in about one minute. When I was a boy, Roy Rogers films never used bad language. Today I hardly want to go to the movies. I hear language there which would make a sailor blush. The left wing liberals produce those new movies and when they are not engaged in debauchery they are thinking up new ways to shock us. Their close friends, the liberal democrats, are birds of a feather. Ole President Bill Clinton is not recorded as saying the s--- word but don’t you think oral sex with a subordinate in the oval office might have resulted in some sort of condemnation from the left at least equal to the fuss of Mr. Trump and the s--- word.