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Letter to Editor: Endorsement of Kevin Tanner

By Gary Pichon 

Kevin Tanner is from Dawson County. He is running for the House of Representatives of the United States to take the place of Doug Collins. He is plain talking and honest. You should vote for him.

He is an educated man. He went off to college but maintained his beliefs. He returned to Dawson County where he served as a deputy sheriff and became the Under Sheriff. He was a thoughtful, careful enforcer of the law, had sympathy for the regular citizens, and was trusted by them.

Kevin’s honesty comes from his religious faith and from the parents that raised him. His daddy was a pulp wooder and chicken farmer, his momma ran the house and kept the business accounts. Kevin knows work, the sweaty hard kind. He has respect for the people who do that.

I was on the board of county commissioners when Tanner was selected as the County Manager.  I got to work with him on a daily basis during the difficult times of the great recession. I watched him under stress navigate the conflicting needs as we dealt with severe financial troubles and the construction of a new courthouse. He was a skilled manager.

When he gives a public speech you will not come away from that event transported by flowery language. But you will understand what he says and what he believes in. 

Kevin is one of those rare people who thinks strategically and operates tactically. Which is to say he always has a plan for just about every possible event and not only does he have a plan in his head, he can execute the details of the day to day attendant to that plan. He is a good planner and a good doer.

He has been serving in the Georgia State House and is recognized by his peers as a hard-working, careful, detailed-oriented crafter of legislative bills.  He is a conservative in all matters but will listen carefully and respectfully to other’s viewpoints.

Help send him to Washington.