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Letter to the Editor: Election Time

By Gary Pichon of Marble Hill 

It is almost election time for the President of the USA. Our choices are not great. If I was young enough to be raising a child, I would not point to the candidates as role models.

It is a good thing that you do not have to like someone to vote for them. For all his failings, bone-headed mistakes and general abrasiveness, I think Mr. Trump’s policies are generally right. 

He is not really a conservative. President Trump is fundamentally a capitalist deal doer and the Democratic party will not even meet this deal doer one-quarter of the way.

Biden is, at heart, a socialist or maybe even now a neo-communist. Whichever he is, he just loves using the government to tell people what to do. He has spent his whole life sucking on the money of others.

Now we get to vote. We can have either a twitterful, braggadocious, New York City developer, game show host, capitalist, outsider or a discombobulated, desiccated, professional politician, neo-communist insider.  

The insider's buds are Pelosi, Schummer, Nadler and Schiff. The outsider has no friends in the swamp of government.

I am going to vote for the capitalist outsider and prepare to defend myself from the neo-communists. I am going to vote for President Trump again. He is by far the best choice we have.

Biden/Harris may be more attractive as humans but they will open the borders, close down everything to avoid COVID-19, tax the people to death, add mounds of regulations, go green to the point we have no lights at night, turn a blind eye to thugs and rioters, put left-wing judges in all the federal courts, release the violent criminals, harass the police, encourage all manner of deviant behavior, and they will fail to defend America against countries that want us destroyed.

If you vote for Biden/Harris and they win, you will deserve what we get, but I don't.