Here’s when the Dawsonville Chick-fil-A will reopen its doors
Customers will soon be able to once again “eat mor chikin” from the Dawson County restaurant.
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Letter to the Editor: Dumb and now silly
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By Gary Pichon of Marble Hill 

One day in office and our new President is using executive orders to increase fuel costs in the USA. Why Congress ever gave any President of any party this kind of authority is beyond me.

If you burn anything, you are making CO2, which is seen by the Democrats as a crime against humanity and they think it will lead to the destruction of the total plant. They think some magic of solar and wind will replace all forms of combustion energy. And, by the way, they think atomic energy, which is the only viable alternative to oil and gas, is more evil than CO2.

For years some companies have been building a pipeline to carry crude oil from Canada to the refineries in the USA. Biden just signed a document to prevent that Keystone line and let all the money already spent on the pipeline to be lost and left to rust in the ground. 

So when you Democrats, who put these people in power, see gas at $5 a gallon someday, and your power bills triple, do not come crying to me. Get yourself a bicycle so you can pedal around these mountains. Be sure to have a very big rear cog, like a 42 put on it cause you will need it.