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Letter to the Editor: Crying time again
The Republicans released their long-awaited memo that asserts that a couple of Federal Bureau of Investigation leaders and a Department of Justice guy knowingly screwed up the application of a wiretap warrant. In short, the memo says that it seems that some federal cops and one federal district attorney misused their offices to try and dig political dirt. So far it looks like pretty small stuff when compared to Mr. Herbert Hoover’s blackmail files which he kept in his closet with his accouterments. We had a corrupt FBI then. It can happen twice. As far as I can see, no spy secrets were revealed by the release of the memo in spite of the crying and sniffling from Mr. James Comey. This is the same Mr. Comey that got weak in the knees when he asserts that the President seemed to ask him to bend the rules. That man needs to man up. I have no idea why Christopher Wray, the new head of the FBI, who appears to be grown, is so whiney about this. He is from Georgia and I thought we took criticism like adults.