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Land should stay zoned residential
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I am responding to an article written on the rezoning issue surrounding the property located on Lumpkin Campground Road near Hwy. 53.  When my family moved here, we looked at the proposed zoning map and concluded that our home was not near any large commercial or industrial complex. We were satisfied that when we bought our home the residential zoning would be intact and our standard of life would be guarded. Our home is only a few hundred feet from the proposed zoning change.  With the new zoning change, this changes the landscape and allows any commercial venture to be built on the land. I am not concerned about the proposed ballpark. What I am concerned about is the future of the ballpark. Once the zoning is changed, the current owner can sell the property to a commercial developer and next thing we know, a chicken processing plant is built on the property. It is my opinion that the zoning on the land should remain as currently zoned.  Michael Dunn  Dawsonville