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Keep your family safe this Halloween
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There is an old adage which states, "With age comes wisdom."

While I most certainly agree with this observation, I believe that it also affords more time for reminiscing.

We often yearn for a simpler time when the cares and worries of this life seemed far away. For me, autumn has always been a time of warmth and reflection.

Even now, this special season floods my mind with a thousand memories.

When the good Lord brushes the trees with strokes of red, yellow and orange - autumn seems to set the landscape on fire.

Wood heaters and fireplaces come to life; emitting the most identifiable and soothing aroma. The warm glow dances on the hearth and walls, inviting a shivering soul to take comfort.

Without any other inclusions, the season is brimming and full.

Nevertheless autumn would just not seem complete without the eerie smile of a jack-o-lantern or the exchange of laughter between treat-seeking children.

Growing up as a child in the 70s, one of my fondest memories involved my brothers and me venturing off together on an extended trick or treating expedition. In today's world, that simply is not safe.

Allowing our children to freely roam throughout neighborhoods is not an advisable option, unless accompanied by a close, trusted adult. Often times, community sponsored events are a much better choice. Many churches, civic groups and businesses participate to provide a safe, fun alternative for you and your children.

This year, the Dawson County Parks and Recreation Department will continue its tradition of providing a fun, family friendly affair.

This Oct. 31 will mark the fifth Annual Trunk or Treat event. Your sheriff's office has partnered in this festivity to further promote a safer Halloween experience. We cordially invite you to join us for an enjoyable evening.

As much as we would like to rewind the clock and allow our children to run free and enjoy the season's festivities, it simply isn't reasonable.

As adults, we know and understand that the world can be a very dangerous place.

As responsible parents and caregivers, we must exercise sound judgment to keep our children safe.

I encourage you to allow your children to grow and create their own special memories; but keep them close, love them, care for them and always maintain a watchful eye.

Jeff Johnson is the 2017 sheriff-elect for Dawson County. His column will appear periodically in the Dawson County News. He can be reached at (706) 344-3535 or via email at