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Keep the motorsports tradition alive
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The recent discussion about Atlanta Motorsports Park has been littered with misinformation by people that live far away from the proposed site and do not have a dog in this hunt —but oppose anything and everything.


I am an actual city resident living about 4 miles from the proposed site, as the crow flies, and I fully support this project. 


We desperately need new projects that bring tax revenue and more jobs to our city and our county. We need projects that can attract other businesses, as well as people that will want to live here and thereby boost our home values.


Should we just blindly approve any project that comes along and promises jobs and tax income? Absolutely not.


The property here borders Hwy. 53. The location itself means something commercial will be built there even if it is not this project. Whatever it is will change the life of the neighbors, but our county changes daily, and will change more as the economy improves. We cannot vote no to growth.


This project however is ideal for the location: It will preserve the beauty of the area, as the property will be kept in one piece and not be parceled out.


Facilities like that around the country are always impeccably maintained.


Most of the cars that will be driven there are street-legal vehicles that are the members’ daily drivers and won’t emit more noise than when they drive on Hwy. 53.


The developer has agreed to strict noise regulations to keep loud vehicles out, as well as extensive sound barriers to avoid impacting the neighbors.


The membership roster includes celebrities we would be proud to welcome in our county. The project will boost revenues in our shops and restaurants and create jobs. It will boost our tax revenue and improve our home values. No other project can bring these benefits to Dawsonville and Dawson County.


Fellow residents: Lets keep the Motorsports tradition alive in Dawsonville and welcome AMP and its members.


Gert Adolphsen