BREAKING: Overturned trash truck stops traffic on Ga. 400
Drivers can expect traffic delays.
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Jack and Jill are gone but not forgotten
Dick Yarbrough
I need to call Jack and Jill. Most of you will remember the two mules brought to Cobb County with much fanfare from Alabama a few years back to demonstrate the lost art of plowing to a generation that likely already has an app for that. They were set to strut their stuff at Hyde Farm in east Cobb but with little explanation, a year later Jack and Jill were unceremoniously kicked out of Cobb by the same county commission that had so enthusiastically welcomed them just a short time earlier. My confidential sources tell me the project tanked because it turned out that it was going to cost $3 million to fix things up, including pushing over a couple of outhouses. I don’t think there is an app for that. Anyway, Jack and Jill were somehow blamed for the screw-up and sent into exile in either Montana or Canada. I get those two places mixed up. For several years they have believed that I could use my enormous prestige and power to get them back to Cobb County. I don’t have the heart to tell them I can’t even find a parking space on the Square, let alone find a place for them back here.