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Islam and history
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The religion of extremist Islam is a mortal danger to the world and to the United States.

In our country, we should be vigilant and cautious with those who practice it. Some will kill us if they can. Boston is but the latest example.

Our national leadership seems unable to speak directly about the undeniable danger. The Benghazi talking points arose out of wishful and naïve thinking that we are wanted in that part of the world.

Domestic terror by the radicals keeps the moderate Muslim from speaking out. They are afraid for themselves and for their families. They are frightened into silence.

When the Nazi party took control of Germany and began the rearmament process, the west lived in denial of that manifest evil until it was almost too late. We should not repeat that mistake. We can be too accommodating, inclusive and politically correct for our own good.

History reveals that fundamental Islam is in a continuous contest with the western world. All of north Africa was once a Christian community until it was brought under their sword. The site of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem was taken by force and a mosque was erected on that place to remind the world who won. The great famous mosque in Constantinople was once a Christian church.

Islamic armies and navies have taken on the world before and have narrowly been beaten back. We should remember their conquest of Spain, the invasions of France and Austria; their partial conquest of the Balkans and the fight at Lepanto for control of the Mediterranean. The story of Russia is the story of the running fight on her southern boarders.

Until the leaders of that religion renounce individual violent holy war and the actions of its adherents demonstrate that change, we are foolish to pretend that danger is not afoot among us in the darkness of the minds of its jihadist followers. The U.S.A. should not believe that we may build democratic examples in Muslim countries and we should distance ourselves from those societies and withdraw and be prepared. We will not change them. Only they can change, and history says the odds speak against that possibility.

Gary Pichon
Dawson County District 1 Commissioner