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There is a Jewish proverb that says: “Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him, and then choose that way with all his strength.”


Most everyone in our community calls our Senior Center Director Margie Weaver a friend. Weaver started with Dawson County on July 16, 1984, and over the past 25 years she has had a front row seat to witness tremendous change in Dawson County.


As a result of Weaver’s hard work, our community has seen tremendous improvements in the services we provide our seniors.


She is responsible for the success of our home delivery meal program and many of the other programs that are offered to our senior population.


Weaver has surrounded herself with a dedicated staff of employees and volunteers who share the same love for serving this sector of our community.


If you have not visited the center lately you would be amazed at the improvements that have been made over the past couple of years.


The fire alarm system has been upgraded, new tile floors have been installed in the upstairs portion of the center, a new roof has been installed and an exercise room for the seniors with two new pieces of equipment has been added, new tables in the dining area and the center has received a fresh coat of paint throughout.


In addition, five new recliners and a big screen television have been placed at the center for the seniors’ use and enjoyment.


Our civic organizations, including the Woman’s Club and the Rotary Club, and many of their individual members have donated both financial resources and time to assist Weaver and her staff.


A local citizen who owns a concrete pouring and finishing company donated concrete and labor to pour a patio for the seniors, and other members of our community donated the patio furniture.


Our local County Extension Agent Clark Beusse offered his expertise and assisted with landscaping the center. Our facilities department and the inmate workforce under the direction of Sheriff Billy Carlisle and his inmate workforce coordinator Butch Strayhorn have also performed countless hours of work at the center.


Also, an outstanding local citizen, George David, and his sister Nancy Noblin donated property next to the center to allow our Public Works department to enlarge the parking lot.


RIC Rack, Lion’s Club, the Big Canoe Benevolence Society and many of our local churches have also made significant contributions to the center.


This outpouring of support from the Dawson County community is a direct tribute to how we feel about Weaver and her mission. I would like to personally thank each person and organization that has made these improvements possible.


Not only has the look of the center improved, but the numbers of seniors being served has also increased dramatically over the past couple of years.


Currently, the Senior Center delivers seven frozen meals on Monday for the week and 112 hot meals to seniors each day. The staff traveled a total of 3,628 miles in the month of February delivering these meals, and in addition, some of the meals are delivered by volunteers driving their personal vehicles.


The center also hosts a healthy living class on Tuesdays and Thursdays with 13 to 20 clients in each class. The center hosts painting classes for seniors on Thursday and Fridays for 16 to 22 clients each week and Tai-Chi is held for 10-12 participants on Wednesdays.


In addition, the Senior Center also has a nurse that comes to the center twice a week to assist seniors with foot care and other needs. The center also hosts an average of 28 seniors daily for lunch and other activities, and the demand for senior transportation has increased by 15 percent.


I would like to publicly thank our director Margie Weaver for her dedicated service over the past 25 years.


You can contact Weaver or her staff at (706) 344-3700.


Our dedicated staff is here to serve each of you. If you have any concerns, suggestions or questions please call on us.


Kevin Tanner is the Dawson County manager. He can be reached at (706) 344-3501.