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An idea looking for action
Helen Taylor

Some years ago, a Theatre of the Absurd author wrote a play about a cast of characters looking for a playwright.

I hope, however, that this idea looking for action is more plausible than absurd.

Ever since the Kroger store in Dawson Village was vacated, I have hoped that someone would invest in a bowling alley and roller-skating rink in what seems like an ideal location. 

If I were 40 years younger and any sort of business person, I would certainly consider it.

When I asked Development Authority Chair Charlie Auvermann if there had been any interest in that possibility, he assured me that the committee working to find a buyer or tenants for the building had, indeed, reached out to several organizations to do exactly that sort of recreational complex.

In fact, he said they had envisioned that it might include a sort of "arcade" with video games, etc., as well as a fast-food type of restaurant (which I had also assumed).

 Such a combination would provide much-needed activities for our youth and young adults, the kind of recreation Dawson County is lacking.

Other than school and parks sports, we have very few offerings for the leisure time of young people.  Of course, such a complex would not be limited to the young, especially a bowling alley. But it could be an attractive business for the surrounding area, as well as our county. And there is already a big parking lot.

Before that building is divided into several businesses of the kind we have, I really wish that some enterprising individual, or group, will consider taking the action that could accomplish both purposes: be profitable and provide new recreational opportunities. (And the clock is ticking!)

Another action I hope we'll take is based on much more than an idea:

That is to take seriously the climate change crisis.

Perhaps we do not necessarily swallow the "doomsday scenarios" which predict that the earth will be an uninhabitable planet by the year 2100. But there is no denying that the polar caps are beginning to melt, that we are experiencing erratic and extreme weather patterns, and that coastlines are eroding as sea levels rise.

I was both alarmed and encouraged by "chief environmentalist" former Vice President Al Gore's recent television appearance (and upcoming movie about climate crisis). 

He documented evidences of dramatic and sometimes drastic changes, but he also reported on various measures already taken or underway to restrict and perhaps eliminate some of the more destructible ones.

Although the percentage of solar and wind energy being captured and reused is  currently small, those businesses are steadily growing and are providing  jobs  and the  potentiality of much cheaper energy prices, and it's coming from those constantly renewable resources.  And nations around the world are realizing those facts.

Do you have some good ideas that could be turned into actions?

Helen Taylor’s column appears periodically in the Dawson County News.