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Hooray for the new county manager
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An opinion poll in a local publication asked in March, “Should Kevin Tanner be appointed county manager?”


The respondents to that opinion poll indicated 93 percent of Dawson County residents felt he should be the new county manager.


The front-page newspaper articles on April 23, said Tanner hired.


Two county commissioners voted against hiring Kevin Tanner as county manager after a closed session that kept a packed commission meeting room waiting for two hours.


(One of those two commissioners voting against Mr. Tanner endorsed him a few days later.)


This week, the newspaper ran two articles about our new county manager, and if my arithmetic is good, he has reduced the 2008 county budget by $121,000 in these bad economic times.


I wish all county departments such as the school system and others could save that much money.


I appreciate these newspaper reports about our “Born Here” native county manager who has been in office for only three months.


To our new county manager: “Mr. Tanner, I think you’re wonderful and give you a big thank you for looking after my tax dollars in a most positive manner.”


Please keep up the good work.


Edna Gazaway

Dawson County