BREAKING: Georgia Supreme Court upholds Dawson County man’s conviction for Hannah Bender’s 2019 murder
The district attorney recognized the "horrific” nature of Bender’s death, thanking those involved in the judicial process and stating that “justice was well served” in the case.
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Hide the silverware! The legislature is coming!
To Arms! To Arms! The Legislature is coming, the Legislature is coming!
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I thought Paul Revere would have shared the news with you, but he seems to think it is more important that you know about the British, who can't be anywhere near as prone to mischief as our intrepid public servants. Just to be on the safe side, you might want to hide the silverware from now until our boys and girls come back home from the Gold Dome in March to tell us what a swell job they did on our behalf. If they mention that while there they did indeed take a trip to a posh resort to play golf with a lizard-loafered lobbyist and were feted several times at a swanky Atlanta eatery and accepted generous contributions to their campaign coffers from deep-pocketed, out-of-state special interest groups but that none of these trivialities in any shape, form or fashion influenced how they voted on any issue because they are there to serve you - throw up on their shoes.