BREAKING: Local legislation could provide specific property tax relief to Dawson County seniors. Here’s the latest.
Dawson County seniors are now one step closer to seeing revamped homestead exemptions with the introduction of two bills to the State House.
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Heart and soul of Dawsonville
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Last Wednesday morning I was eating breakfast with a friend at the Dawsonville Pool Room as I try to do several times a month. Barbara was there with her new knees looking good, as was GP and Gordon, who was out unusually early and in a suit.

I asked Gordon who's funeral he was attending as that was the only reason he was ever in a suit and since he was upright I didn't think it was for his, at least not today. Little did we know that in less than four hours, another loss would occur in Dawsonville, one that would affect the whole community.

Our beloved and world renowned Dawsonville Pool Room, the center and heartbeat of not only Dawsonville and Dawson County, but of the man and family whose heart and soul have been about nothing but the betterment of this community and citizenry for decades, was shut down at the busy noon lunch hour by a heavy handed and embarrassing act by those that are supposed to serve us.

It was a sad day for Dawsonville last Wednesday, but it was an even sadder day for the State of Georgia.

I'm not going to comment further in this letter on the disgust I feel about the Department of Revenues mishandling of this issue, but that may come later.

No this letter is a rally cry for the community of Dawsonville and Dawson County, to circle up and help the man, the family and the institution that have so unselfishly helped us for so long.

Although we know of the decades spent supporting and growing the Moonshine Festival and KARE for Kids, most folks don't have any idea of the multitude of people the Pirkles have helped individually when no one else would or could.

Let's not forget the employees of the Pool Room or their families either.

Friends it's time for us as the Dawsonville/Dawson County community to step up and do whatever each of us can do. An account has been set up at First Citizens Bank of Georgia where you can donate.

Go to the Save the Pool Room Facebook page and show your support.

Most of all, call and go see Gordon, GP, Haley or any of the family and tell them it's OK, it's gonna work out and that we love the Pirkles and the Pool Room.

You are Dawsonville and Dawson County.

Chip Pearson