UPDATE: Development Authority of Dawson County awarded $300,000 grant to help with manufacturer BTD’s local expansion project.
BTD's local campus expansion is set to bring 74 new full-time jobs to the new Dawson County facility.
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Good job on pause
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I agree with recent letter writers, Karen Wilson and Arlene McClure regarding the formation of a regional airport authority.


I am pleased that our local legislative delegation saw fit to pause movement on that bill, and also the bill allowing government to meet privately, outside the bounds of our state’s Sunshine Law, with private, for-profit groups.


Given the way the airport authority has already occurred here in Dawsonville, we don’t need to make such behavior legally protected and exempt from the Sunshine Law.


I grew up just seven miles from a small, regional airport that burgeoned into an international hub. The house shook, the windows rattled, and we could almost reach up and touch the silver bellies of planes coming in to land.


The piece of legislation I would really like to see the residents of this county support would be that of city and county government consolidation. That spear of annexation, driven into the heart of this county, has left many of us drastically effected by the reason of a council and mayor who will not listen to us, public hearing or not.


We cannot vote for them, or against them, so our opinions are mute.


We should not allow the financial coffers of a few wealthy individuals to highjack the quality of life that our county has built, markets and protected.


We need to move forward legislation to allow all Dawson residents to vote for the governing body that is making such a tremendous impact on us. This is the legislation that needs to head to Atlanta.


Ellen Harrison