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Dr. Anderson: Paraphrase a pirate, stay inside
larry anderson
Dr. Larry Anderson of Anderson Family Medicine in Dawsonville. - photo by Jessica Taylor

By Larry Anderson of Anderson Family Medicine

Staying at home has become boring but necessary.  

We all want to go out and do something or see something. It sounds wimpy to say I have to stay at home. Not very manly to me. But here is a vow we all should take so it will sound like we are back in charge of our lives. 

Let us paraphrase a pirate. “I have vowed solitude until this pestilence has been purged from our county. Arrrrrrrr”. 

Wearing a mask is the better way to protect yourself and others from getting the coronavirus.  There is no excuse to not wear a mask unless you are Vincent van Gogh. He can have a pass.  You do not get one.  

We are not out of the woods yet. We are holding today at 75 confirmed cases. It is too early to see if the relaxing of shelter-at-home will have a negative effect. Let us hope not. 

If Smokey the Bear was here, I am sure he would say “only YOU can prevent coronavirus”. 

Thanks for reading.