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Confessions that won't surprise
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We Protestants don't have confessional booths like Catholics - or is that done only in books and old movies? In fact, we may be more likely to conceal our faults and impress our pastors. Our true selves, however, may really be obvious.


Well, I am willing to confess that I'm not as good a Christian as I could be.  My sins are probably more of omission than of commission; for example, I'm sure that I could do more in mission outreach than I do. The fact that I am not alone is no excuse. During this Camp Meeting Week (revival time in general), perhaps we can recommit and resolve to be better.


It is no longer a confession to admit my age; instead I'm bragging and grateful that I am still here and able to go - although not very fast.


Regardless of age and infirmities, I do need to exercise more. True, my water exercise classes disappeared, even the Silver Sneakers group movements, which I struggled through; I still have hope that they may return.


However, our Senior Center offers exercise classes at all levels and also several exercise machines to be used whenever one wishes. Couldn't I, shouldn't I take advantage of those opportunities?


As a matter of fact, there is no reason I can't do plenty of stretching, reaching, bending at home. All by myself? Now, there's a real confession:  I just will not discipline myself to do that.


Occasionally, ambition overcomes inertia and those almost-forgotten movements come to life. Unfortunately, ambition fades more quickly when one "works out" alone. Honestly, could I really call those 10 minutes a work-out?


While I am revealing discrepancies, I may as well include housework.  Once an efficient housekeeper, I can now be content with some "picking up" and wait for my once-in-a-while cleaning lady.


This final confession, however, I do not consider a deficiency, although most of my friends and relatives would. My personal and political philosophy is much more akin to the Democrats than the Republicans.  And in this state that is almost heresy.


I agree with a retired minister friend who declared that he is a Democrat because "that philosophy most nearly fits with what I understand Christianity to be."


So, now am I forgiven?


Helen Taylor's column appears periodically in the Dawson Community News.