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Concert supports recovery
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Relay for Life is a stunning example of what the caring, compassionate and hard-working people who live in Dawson County can accomplish.

The support this community shows for cancer research and cancer survivors is amazing.

But do all people with life threatening diseases receive the same support and compassion?

Consider the obesity epidemic - aren't we quick to say the individual should just exercise more and watch their diet?

Yet, obesity has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc.

Depression is another disease that is little understood. Big Pharma would have you believe a pill will solve it all.

Meanwhile, those with clinical depression most often hide their disease and are embarrassed to talk about it.
Probably the most misunderstood and hidden disease is addiction. Yes, alcohol and/or drug addiction is a disease.

People don't just wake up one day and decide to ruin their health, destroy their marriage and/or neglect their children.

For an addict, what starts out as a fun, social, relaxing few drinks can quickly lead to full-blown alcoholism.
A prescription pain medication can trigger the need (addiction) for opiates.

A family member or friend might suggest trying marijuana or meth in one of its many forms. Most people don't know they are addicts until they are caught in the addiction struggle.

Then the real struggle begins and sometimes really good people make bad decisions and break the law, get arrested, and end up in Dawson County's Treatment Court.

Please join us in extending a Hand of Friendship to those in recovery in our community.

This Saturday, May 4, at 7 p.m., Little Mountain band is doing a benefit for Friends of Recovery at New Life Church on Hwy. 53 East.

Donations will go to Dawson's Friends of Recovery, a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

Bring your family and friends for an evening of wholesome entertainment featuring one of North Georgia's most recognizable bluegrass and gospel bands.

You will be taken on a musical journey from the first song to the last - with songs ranging from Bill Monroe to classics from the Baptist hymnals.
Join us for a fun evening featuring Little Mountain's signature acoustic style music that will have you clapping your hands and singing along!

Arlene McClure
Friends of Recovery -