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Commissioners fail taxpayers when rejecting Paladin request
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I have been a homeowner in Dawson County since 2008.

In these eight years, I have experienced nothing except frustration and poor service from Windstream.
I have been in contact with Windstream, the county commissioners and the FEC about this poor and unreliable and overpriced service.

Their response has been, "Sorry we are a small county and no one else wants to provide service."

Now we have someone who is willing to make an investment in our growing community and our commissioners say no.

Shame on you.

Yes, maybe they can only service 400-600 residents to start with, but it is a start and maybe Windstream will wake up to reality.

The residents of Dawson Forest Manor were some of the first to tell Paladin that we would be willing to give them a shot.

Hopefully they will find someone else to lease their tower and allow us to get reliable service at a fair price and get rid of Windstream for once and forever.

No more false promises from Windstream that if you will pay us more money and pay for higher speeds, we'll give you better service.

Please reconsider your decision commissioners.

Elmer B. Lentz