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Affordable health care
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A new independent study from the Urban Institute found that repealing the ACA Law without a replacement would leave 30 million people, including 4 million children, without the security of health coverage in America.

Millions of people who purchase their own insurance would see an increase in their premiums by more than $3,000 by abolishing healthcare tax credits and repealing the ACA.

People across the U.S. have benefited greatly from this new law through improvements such as:
• All new insurance plans are required to cover preventive services at no cost-like check-ups, well-child visits, cancer screenings, and vaccines.
• People with pre-existing conditions like asthma, cancer, and diabetes can no longer be denied or charged more for coverage.
• People with chronic illnesses no longer face lifetime caps on their benefits that basically cuts off their coverage when they need it most.
• Medicaid has improved and now provides coverage to millions more, including hard-working parents.

In states like Georgia where Medicaid was never expanded over 500,000 Georgians have gone without coverage and are therefore unable to get medical care except in emergency rooms and in a few free clinics around the state. Rural hospitals are in crisis because they cannot afford to remain opened with so many people needing free medical care.

Medicaid not only helps the poor, but it helps people who lose their jobs and therefore their medical insurance. Without Medicaid, and being in the gap between eligible for Medicaid expansion and ACA, they could lose their homes and all their belongings.

Congress and President Trump want to do away with the Affordable Health Care law (known by some as ObamaCare-it is the same thing.) But they have no replacement plan and so 30 million people will be dropped from medical care with no recourse. People who are undergoing treatment for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and a myriad of other conditions will no longer be able to receive treatment.
Emergency medical care at your local hospital won't take care of these nor will they afford you the preventative treatments.

Is this really what you want to happen to your neighbor or maybe to you? Call your Republican representatives (Graves or Collins ) and so NO to dropping healthcare for 30 million Americans!!

Kathi Lane