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Actions of Commissioners Called into Question
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3-1 votes have cost the county thousands of dollars as Commissioners Julie Nix, Sharon Fausett and Jimmy Hamby, by coincidence and without public comment, vote together every time on issues that affect the citizens of Dawson County.

Last year these three voted in favor of a budget that allotted $232,000 for legal fees. The attorney fees last year were around $180,000. Maybe we are missing something but when Nix, Fausett and Hamby voted to look for an in-house attorney, we were shocked. Who out there believes that Joey Homans has not been one of the best thing that has ever happened to our county?

Not deterred, despite the public outcry, and without an idea or written expectation of budget savings, Nix, Fausett and Hamby pressed on. Without even establishing a salary, in-house counsel was hired. WHERE is the economic responsibility in that?

The final straw for us was reading this week's newspaper. When asked to comment, Hamby and Fausett had nothing to say.

We want to see in writing the roadmap to the savings that can possibly compete with the amount of money they have cost us in their bad decisions over the past year.

Nix did comment: her concern was that we had some serious zoning issues coming up. As an answer, Nix replaced Homans, the one who wrote our zoning? Unacceptable. Does the fact that Frey was shown the door in Brunswick more than 4 years ago, and just "needs a steady paycheck" merit the risk that these three commissioners once again have exposed us to? As citizens and taxpayers, WE DEMAND TO SEE THE NUMBERS!

Our hope is that other elected county officials stand up to this kind of disregard for their roles in Dawson County government. We are also urging all of you to let Commissioner Chris Gaines know we appreciate that he is a man of conviction. He voted against in-house counsel.

There is no cost savings in this new move by Nix, Fausett and Hamby. It was political and it will cost Dawson County much more than $232,000.

We are disheartened and discouraged in the lack of leadership of those who represent Dawson County. If we remain silent in the face of what we know to be wrong, we are part of the problem. We choose to be a part of the solution. Government is of the people and by the people. And the people want to see the numbers...

Tom and LeeAnn Harter