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A two-step Id rather not dance
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To understand this column, one must be aware that since April 28, I have been in a "confined" situation not of my choosing.

On that Sunday, I fell and did damage to my right knee that required not only a complete knee replacement, but also repair (including rods) of the femur.

Since May 3, I have been in a skilled nursing- care facility and it appears I will continue to need such complete care for an extended time.

Following several examinations, I've just learned that my knee will require additional surgery. It is still not weight-bearing.

Don't worry; I'm not planning to bore you with gory details. In fact, we don't even know all the details until the re-opening.

What I do know is that since May 21, when I was given an all-clear by the orthopedic surgeon to do weight-bearing therapy, I've had several set-backs, including two trips (by transport) for X-rays and observations. And now, no more walking therapy.

You know the old saying: One step forward, and two back. Yes, it is discouraging.

But, I must share my gratitude for the many, many expressions of concern and prayers for my welfare.

There is no way I can call or write notes to all the wonderful people who have been thoughtful in so many different ways. Please accept my true appreciation for all the traditional and non-traditional ways you've shared your love.

During this time, I have purposely tried to avoid much contemplation because I ask myself too many unanswerable questions, such as: At age 89, why should I and medical personnel spend so much time, effort and money on one knee that is not destined to last much longer anyway? Will I be able to return to an independent life style? If not, what?

As I consider all the other occupants of this and similar facilities, why are so many individuals clinging to lives that have so little obvious meaning?

To some of my questions, I remind myself that God may have purposes that I don't understand and that I don't need to know all the answers.

So, in the time I'm not doing therapy exercises or necessary living activities or when I'm not having visitors or talking on the phone, I do a lot of reading and T.V. watching and less thinking.

Of course, I miss keeping up with the activities at church and around town. But they are happening right on schedule anyway. And that's exactly the way it should be.

Helen Taylor's column appears periodically in the Dawson Community News.