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A government owned airport in Dawson County?
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The City of Dawsonville is proposing that they buy an airport with everybody elses' money.

The last time the city undertook this kind of project it ended with a financial meltdown of "Thunder Road."

That project required other peoples' money to build and then other peoples' money to salvage. It was an expensive lesson.

I do not oppose airports.

I oppose airports built with taxpayers' money unless there is a compelling business case that clearly shows that the general taxpayer will benefit by industry attracted by such an airport and that it will not be a drain on local taxpayers once it is built.

There are airports all over Georgia that were built by federal dollars and they cost cities and counties tax dollars to operate and maintain.

The feds have sprayed out money for years on these boondoggle projects that don't help much, while our federal roads fall apart.

Most small airports require taxpayers support every year to keep them open. They benefit only a small handful of well-to-do citizens.

Pickens County has one of those really nice airports a short drive away.

Go over and see it yourself. It is right along the 515 four lane.

It is on a major highway with motels and restaurants and rental car places and it has fuel available 24/7.

It has almost no corporate jets at it. It has struggled and never made it to break even. Local tax dollars fund the difference every year.

The promise of "build it and they will come" has not worked there and in most other places.

A public airport built with taxpayers' money is a major change for the entire county.
The public should be allowed to be heard on this subject.

Elected officials of the city, the county, state and federal government should be involved in a hearing process before any decision.

I urge every citizen to contact their elected officials and request public hearings on this matter.

Gary Pichon
Marble Hill