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Letter to the Editor: There is no such thing as ‘democratic socialism’

Sorry, Bernie, there is no such thing as “democratic socialism.” Let a professional economist tell you why. In the first place, the term is an oxymoron because democracy cannot exist in socialism. If you don’t believe me, let me repeat some of the current Democrat presidential hopefuls.

They all claim they want Medicare for all. Who runs the current Medicare program? Well, the U.S. government. They control the premiums all Medicare patients pay. They control the amount of money they pay to doctors and hospitals on behalf of Medicare patients. They also choose not to pay for dental, vision and pharmacy needs. Finally, to see how well Medicare would work, compare it to the ineffective patient care of veterans from the V.A.

As for free college education, let’s look at the education that cadets receive at the military academies and ROTC units at colleges today. Every cadet has to commit to a specific major before they enter the academy or college with ROTC. Do you really thing the feds would pay for degrees in diversity education, communism, government-controlled economics or the Green New Deal? Finally, how do the Democrat presidential hopefuls plan to pay for their robust social programs? They only paid for approximately 20% of the welfare programs in 2018. We had a deficit of almost $800 billion in 2018 with welfare expenditures of over $1.1 trillion. We borrowed that $800 billion. The Democrat hopefuls say they want to raise taxes. Just to pay for the $800 billion deficit in 2018 every American taxpayer would have had to see their tax bill increase by 50%.

If Democrats want communism where the government determines the daily lives of every American, why don’t they just admit it. Of course, we know the answer. They would never win a national election if they tell the truth.


John Bredfeldt