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Letter to the Editor: President Trump’s Oval Office sham

On Jan. 9, President Donald Trump made a speech trying to justify his need to have a wall built on our southern border.  He pitted Americans and immigrants against each other in his hate-filled speech.  He also told multiple lies which were pointed out by media after the speech. Even Mike Wallace and Shepard Smith, both of Fox News, disagreed with him.  His speech was a disgusting and immoral use of the revered Oval Office of the President of the United States.

Here are the facts, as pointed out by Shepard Smith and Mike Wallace of Fox News after Trumps speech.

Shepard Smith of Fox News stated these lies or misrepresentations:

1. Trump stated that immigrants are responsible for thousands of horrible crimes.  But the actual statistics (from Homeland Security) show that there is less crime among the undocumented immigrants than the general population.

2. Trump also argued for his wall by saying that immigrants carry illegal drugs across the border, but Smith pointed out that a wall wouldn’t make much difference there.  “Government statistics show much of the heroin actually comes not over the unguarded border but through legal ports of call,” he said.

3. Trump also said that there are more illegal crossings than ever.  But again Smith quoted statistics from the National Border Security officials that illegal crossings went way down in the last year.  In fact, more people are leaving than are coming in.

4. Trump also said that the new trade deal with Mexico would take care of the cost.  But Smith pointed out that the trade deal hasn’t been signed yet, and that even when it is, it would barely cover the cost of the wall. 

Chris Wallace of Fox News also questioned his truthfulness. 

1. Trump said that border security personnel requested the wall.  Wallace pointed out that they did not but did ask for more help with border security—not a wall.  Also, Trump said past presidents wanted the wall.  All four past presidents have denied this.

2. Wallace pointed to Trump’s statement that the Democrats refuse to fund the government and have caused the shutdown.  But Wallace said that actually the Democrats have come up with a bill that will fund the government and stop the shutdown, but Trump and the Republicans refuse to even look at it. The Senate refused to pass the same bill they passed before Trump shut down the government.

So the government shutdown continues with 800,000 federal workers not receiving paychecks.  Trump’s answer to that—oh, they will adjust.  How does a family adjust to no paycheck for two or three weeks?  Trump has no idea and he really doesn’t care.  He just wants the theatre of the government shutdown to inspire his base.  As Mike Wallace said, “He may have done that, but he didn’t manage to get anyone else on his side.”

Bette Holland