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Letter to the Editor: You have every reason to be concerned about your property taxes
The other night the county commissioners made a bad mistake. I normally do not go public with my criticisms of those who hold those offices. I know from my own experiences at the job of being a commissioner that it is a hard one to get right. The hours are long and the pay is low and you hardly ever get an “attaboy” and mostly you get a good talking to. The commissioners voted three to two to reduce the commercial impact fees from 100 percent of the estimated actual costs to 25 percent. If you are a property owner in the country and concerned about your property taxes you should have felt a hand go into your pocketbook and take out some money. What just happened by that vote was a decision to shift the costs that will come to the county for any new business from ones who cause the cost to the ones of us who own property. I am “agin it.”