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Letter to the Editor: Yes, enough is enough

I am proud to be the chair of the Dawson County Democratic Party, the party that works for freedom, opportunity and security for all. I have worked with and represented the finest group of Americans I know—Democrats right here in Dawson County.  The Dawson Dems are a part of the Democratic Party of Georgia and the National Democratic Party.

During that time we have worked with county commissioners, the school superintendent, the board of education, the chamber of commerce, the long range planning committee, Rep. Tanner, the local newspaper and many other groups in Dawson County.  We may not agree on everything, but we have found a way to work together on issues of common interest.

But I have to defend my fellow Democrats today and speak out against the letter that was published in the Dawson County News last week. The writer used the same tactics that have been used by some Republicans for years--name calling, lies, stretching the truth and shaming my fellow Democrats.  At the end he says there are also problems with the Republican Party. Well there certainly are, so let me point them out right now.

The writer called us obstructionists—so what exactly were Republican Rep. Ryan and Sen. McConnell doing when they said their whole purpose when President Obama was elected was to keep him from being able to get anything done?

The writer called us Communists—I guess because we believe in respect and human rights for all people no matter what their race, ethnicity, color, religion, sexuality or political preference.   God created us all—all different and we will be judged on how we treat all the people he created.

The writer claimed that we are ashamed of western civilization because we defend the right of other countries and peoples to exist.  So instead does he support people like Republican Rep. Steve King , who retweets messages from a white supremacist who rants against Jews and downplays or denies slavery?

The writer said we will put the Republicans in re-education camps—maybe camps like the Stewart Detention Center where suicides are common, and detainees work for free so the private company that runs this center makes big profits?  Or maybe camps like the cells in a closed Walmart in Texas where immigrant children are being housed by the current Republican administration after being separated from their parents.

Yes, the person elected to be our president has aroused and moved Democrats across the country. We will not stand for our country being humiliated around the world.  We will not stand for our allies being treated like enemies while ruthless dictators like Kim and Putin are admired and praised as being great men. We will not stand for the children of families seeking asylum to be separated from their parents and put in cages. We will not stand for poverty-stricken Americans not being able to go to the doctor because they have no health insurance. We will not stand for wealthy corporations and individuals being granted giant tax cuts while middle and low-income people have their Medicare and Social Security slashed. We will not stand for people working full time jobs and still living in poverty because wealthy corporations refuse to pay them a living wage. We will not stand for our tax dollars being given to wealthy families so their children can go to private schools.  We will not stand for America being denigrated and embarrassed by a President who has already lied no less than 740 times since being elected and all the while most Republicans refuse to stand up to him.

So yes, I am proud to be a Democrat and will be even prouder when we elect Democrats all across this state and nation in November!


Bette Holland