More questions answered about this Dawson-area natural gas pipeline project
Atlanta Gas Light’s ongoing Cumming to Hall natural gas pipeline project began this past fall, crossing into Dawson County in February.
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Letter to the Editor: This is what’s happening

The other day I read a letter in our local opinion page where the writer asked “what is happening?” and went on to question why there’s been more publicized murders by gun, why the NRA isn’t doing something about it and why the “common man” (I guess that would be me and several million more like me) needs an AR-15.

I’m not going to dissect that letter point for point. Suffice it to say, there really is an easy answer to the question of “what is happening?”

That answer is simply, our society has changed. And not for the better. And we have Democrats, left leaners and their supporters to thank for this change for the worse.

Where do I start?

Well you took God out of pretty much everything. Bad decision. And this comes from a person that is pretty much agnostic, probably swaying closer to atheism. But I recognized society that lives by Christian tenets is a heck of a lot more civil, safe and polite than one that not only tries to lambast it, but bury its importance in the foundation of this great country.

You left leaning folks also made it OK to be fine with everything as long as it felt good. There’s literally no concern of what was once considered moral anymore. The new mantra is “If it feels good, do it.” So take away morality and give people cart blanch to do whatever feels good, and here we are.

Last, but not least, the conversation in this country needs to stop focusing on the tools used by whack jobs to murder people, but on their psychotic tendencies and what we need to do about it. Anyone here think we’re doing a good job on treating mentally disturbed people with medications? I would hope your answer to that question is a big, fat no.

We need to start taking mentally unstable people more seriously in the threat they pose to society and dealing with them accordingly. If that means time to reopen or build new asylums, then that’s what it takes. But for the left to think that putting more laws on the books in order to stymie the criminal mind, well that just basically reiterates the philosophy of the Democrats: Let’s make the same mistake yet again but expect a different result this time.

That doesn’t work. It has been proven time and time again.

So I ask the community, when you see and/or hear the left calling for bans on this, bans on that, and blaming everyone else for these tragedies instead of the ones that committed them, remember that these folks “think” with emotions and not the brain in their head. It makes their perspective a lot more tolerable, despite being wrong.


Dr. Ray Habermann